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HMCo's luxurious linen towels designed for the bathroom and beach offer maximum softness, absorbency and longevity.  An update on our linen melange towel, our classic design is now available in a solid colour palette of Ayrton, Fog, Sable and Tempest. Our dense linen waffle has been pre-washed to prevent further shrinkage and achieve the HMCo relaxed textural appeal.  Our waffle linen bath towels are lovingly handcrafted in Europe and durable enough for everyday use.

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WASH: A gentle warm machine wash is recommended with like colours. Avoid over-filling the machine so the product can move freely during the wash. To maintain the colour of your linen, we advise not to use bleach or detergents with optical brighteners and avoid exposure to continual sunlight. We suggest using a mild liquid detergent such as a wool wash on all of our linen products.
DRY: Our linen has been pre-washed at very high temperatures to ensure that with proper care no further shrinkage should occur. It can be tumble dried safely on low to medium heat to keep your linen soft and to maintain its textural appeal.
IRON: Whilst our linens can be ironed, it is not recommended as our products are designed to be relaxed in nature.
Our Linen Towels go through a softening process that expands the yarns and can cause minor lint. As a result we strongly recommend washing and tumble drying your towels separately when they are new to remove any excess lint or fluff. This will stop any minor shedding after a couple of washes and your towels will become even softer and more luxurious with age.

With each wash and proper laundering, our linen becomes softer and more desirable, offering a unique sleeping experience and wonderfully tactile products for around the home. HMCo linens are pre-shrunk and pre-washed to ensure our products retain their original quality from the first wash.


Colour: Please note that HMCo linen is prewashed and softened to achieve a natural aged patina. Colour within any one article can be muted in places as a result.  This is not a fault in our linen. It is done with intention to achieve our relaxed, aged style.

Pending on availability, the European flax used to spin our yarns can vary from the grower. This can at times affect the dye lot within our yarns. Dye lot variation is common in processing natural fibres. Whilst we do our utmost to avoid this there can at times be slight variances to any colour within the HMCo range.  We have offered some additional descriptions of our linen palette that may assist when selecting a colour.

Our blanket collection is woven from a blend of cotton and linen. As a result, these products go through a different dying process to our 100% linen products. Slight variations in colour will be apparent between our pure linen and blended products.

Argent:  Argent is a soft silvery sage reminiscent of the lovable Lamb’s-ear perennial

Ayrton:  a classic antique white

Ayrton Optic:  a stark white

Ayrton Melange Throw: Ayrton and Sable are combined for a fresh, neutral off-white

Argent Melange Throw:  Argent is the softest grey-blue tone that is achieved when Fog and Sable are blended

Brun:  A beautifully rich toffee tone, Brun has been blended with our signature Sable hue to create a subtle melange

Carmel:  Carmel is our version of a sun-bleached caramel tone

Cep:  a warm and neutral classic taupe

Dula:  Dula is a combination of Cep and a Lila to make a subtle, muted lavender tone

Fog:  a pale grey with a subtle blue undertone

Floss:  the palest earthy pink, reminiscent of fairy floss

Fysk Melange Throw:  a combination of Sable and a natural linen colour make an earthy wheat shade

Gras:  khaki green and our Sable colours are blended to create an earthy green melange

Lila:   Lilac

Melanz:  a deep aubergine colour

Nox:  black and our Sable colours are combined to create a muted black melange

Oro:  Italian for ‘gold’, Oro is a rich yellow gold colour likened to saffron

Porto:  burnt orange and Sable are combined for a softer version of tangerine

Rosa:  a dense clay pink, earthy and warm

Roy:  a washed, dusty cornflour blue

Sable:  a warm, light sandy colour

Stella:  Stella is hand dyed in Belgium using a unique process and comes in Amber (a ochre base), Ash (a charcoal grey base), Clay (a pink base of Rosa) & Midnight (a dark blue base).  No two cushions are alike

Tempest:  a classic mid-toned charcoal. Tempest is a cool grey

Tempest Melange Throw:  Tempest and Sable are combined for a softer shade of our classic charcoal colour


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