Interior Trend - A Modern Approach to Wainscoting

Interior Trend - A Modern Approach to Wainscoting

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Originally used in heritage homes to protect walls from being damaged by furniture as well as add an extra layer of insulation, today wainscoting has taken on a more decorative purpose. Found everywhere from coastal cottages to minimalist apartments, this technique of using paneled boards to clad walls is making a modern comeback with refined interpretations and contemporary materials.


 Example of traditional wainscoting enhanced design by @georgina_jeffries


Wainscoting involves a portion of an internal wall being clad with panels, adding a decorative element to a pared-back space or highlighting a home's traditional features. This versatile trend can be adapted to suit just about any design scheme, from country to beachy and everything in between, and has been very popular as a modern adaption of a headboard with the lower portion of the wall featuring statement-making paneling detail.


 @Pago_middleton designed by @fabrikate_creative_spaces featuring Basix fitted sheet and pillowcases in Carmel and Flocca Linen Duvet in Kali.


 Kasa Byron - Design & Decoration by @spacestudio__ @mimdesignstudio @kimberleywiedermann, Photography: @tfadtomferguson Featuring: Flocca Linen Duvet, Flocca Linen Europeans and Flocca Linen Body Cushion in Armee. With a Crush Double Linen Throw in Armee/Sable.


Seen below in the new Surround by Laminex campaign, this look can lend sumptuous textural interest to your interior, with pre-primed sheets of raw MDF in a sophisticated scallop shape bringing a luxurious touch to the bedroom. The rich and earthy Dulux Sienna Stone hue in gently undulating Scallop 135 is placed below narrow, delicately scalloped panelling (Scallop 45) in Dulux Cat Mint, offering a cool and contemporary contrast that instantly elevates the space.


 Featuring: Flocca Linen Duvet in Brun, Basix Linen Fitted Sheet in Moro, Flocca Linen Pillowcases in Moro and Crush Linen Throw in Brun.

Wainscoting is an easy way to add depth and character to your home, with a simple tongue and groove system meaning the hardest part is choosing your paint colour. Here, our pure linen bedding in grounding Moro and Brun complements the wall cladding with toffee and mulberry tones for a look that is both classic and modern.  



Surround by Laminex Campaign (image 4 & 5)

Creative direction: @ortolandesign
Set Design: @studioesteta
Styling: @becksimonstylist
Photography: @evegwilson 
Other featured pieces :
Rug @halcyonlake 
Wall Sconce @marzdesigns 
Ceramics @pepiteshop @dinosaur_designs 
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