Our Brand

Welcome to the world of Hale Mercantile Co.

At Hale Mercantile Co. we are passionate about true craftsmanship and considered production, sourcing only the highest quality European materials and manufacturing to create our pure linen collections. Our entire range is grown, spun, dyed, woven and sewn in Europe

As an Australian-founded company, we work collaboratively with customers, interior designers and retailers around the globe to share the HMCo. experience. Our focus is on unsurpassed quality in all that we do, from our handcrafted products to our customer experience, and we proudly believe that once you've discovered the unrivalled luxury of HMCo. pure linen bedding, bath linen, table linen and accessories, you’ll never go back.


Quality and Integrity

In a time of mass production and the constant quest for a 'bargain’, HMCo. is committed to supporting the European region in linen production. We align ourselves with skilled artisans who represent passion in a trade the Europeans have long been masters of, offering a collection of products spun from premium-grade flax sourced from France and Belgium that exudes not only an enduring charm but also the highest standard of durability and longevity, ensuring each piece becomes even more desirable as time goes on.

The HMCo. mantra is to produce the best and to sell it with passion. We dedicate much of our focus to how we sell our product as we believe an exceptional product must be matched by equally exceptional service and representation. As a result, we take pride in the wonderful feedback we receive from both our stockists and our customers and we are proud to be represented by truly inspirational retailers and interior designers around the globe.