Bathroom stories - Marble and European Linen

Bathroom stories - Marble and European Linen

Ancient and innate used for centuries in architecture, marble undoubtedly represents a token of wealth and grandeur. Cut and honed, it is still regarded as a very desirable material in modern design. This age, with modern export capacities, the options of unique colours and veins from all over the world are at our finger tips, allowing global designers to push the boundaries on traditional marble uses and styles past just bathrooms and kitchens.

Even so, while this amazing material is durable, multipurpose and creates exceptional visions of work, the negatives are that it can have a cold, hard and sometimes ridged aesthetic. Without complementary partner finishes and styling, it can lack warmth in a residential setting.


To outweigh the negatives, designers source warm and reflective lighting and an engrossing elements of texture such as European linen


European linen has been handcrafted through the ages offering an unsurpassed relaxed textural appeal. We feature to you, the perfect juxtaposition between both elements. Our revered Australian design firms are showcasing the the opportunity to soften a space with pure linen bath waffle whilst maintaining the integrity of the room.


Pure linen is not only a style to covet, it is also a respectful nod to one of the oldest architectural materials by being an ancient material itself; with production technique hardly altered for hundreds of years.

Enhance your bathroom with our pure waffle bath towels, available in four sizes and a range of muted, earthy and luxurious tones.


Photo credit:

Flack Studios (Image 1 and 4)
The Local Project (Image 2)
Est Living (Image 3)