Bedding Glossary

Bedding Glossary

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While many might think a duvet, quilt and coverlet are interchangeable, or that a bedspread and bedcover are the same thing, there are differences in these layers – including weight, size and function – that, once understood, can help make choosing the right option much easier. Read on for our bedding glossary where we explain some key bedding terms that can assist you with finding the right layer for your space and ensure you get the best night’s sleep.   

Basix Linen Quilt in Ayrton

When considering a quilt vs duvet, it might help to understand that we class our quilt as an ‘all-in-one’ duvet alternative, while a duvet refers to a fabric cover with an insert. Our quilt is medium weight and generous in size, working beautifully on both a Queen and King bed.

Basix Linen Coverlet

Our coverlet is a lightweight duvet or quilt alternative that is often used as a layering piece. Timeless and versatile, our coverlet is an adaptable year-round addition that adds effortless elegance to any bedding scheme.

Flocca Linen Bedspread

Bedspread and Bedcover
Both a bedspread and bedcover offer a thin top-layer ‘cover all’, with the main difference being that the bedspread covers all but the pillows – similar to a coverlet – while a bedcover drapes generously to cover the whole bed including the pillows and reaches the floor.

Flocca Linen Duvet in Petra


A duvet refers to the fabric cover that goes over an insert. Offered in a range of sizes  – ours are available in King Single, Double, Queen, King and Super King – they can be easily updated to suit the season and are a simple way to transform the overall look of your bedroom. 

A blanket is generally an accessory that can be used on a bed for an added layer of warmth, while also adaptable enough to work in other spaces such as in the living room, draped over the back of a sofa for convenient warmth and coverage.

Crush Linen Throw in Ayrton

Throw Blanket
Similar to a blanket, a throw is slightly smaller in size and is used more as a decorative accessory for the bedroom and living area, for example, folded over the back of an armchair as a light knee blanket or draped at the end of the bed for added colour and texture.