Cohesive Living Room Design

Cohesive Living Room Design

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Creating a space with an effortless flow isn't always as easy as it appears, however a few key considerations can go a long way in achieving a harmonious balance. From the colour scheme, furniture and floor coverings to accessories and artwork, we share some tips on bringing together a timeless look that feels inviting and connected. 

Double Crush Throw in Moro/Floss

Starting with the colour scheme can help to inform the rest of the room, so think about whether you would like to go for a cool base or a warm base and build on those foundations. A wide spectrum of neutrals ranging from off-white to dove grey can provide an adaptable backdrop for furniture, rugs, curtains and accessories, setting the overall mood and allowing for tonal variations. 

'Figures and landscape' 2023 by David Asher Brook represented by Fox Galleries I Cleo Sofa by Jardan I Ripples carpet by Bremworth I Crush Linen Throw in Brun, Flocca Linen Macaron in Moro, Flocca Linen Cushion in Floss

The sofa is generally the centrepiece of any living area, and much like your walls, a neutral colour is the most versatile option. Applying the same colour scheme to your walls, floors and larger furniture items is an easy way to ensure cohesion, allowing dark and light shades to add tonal depth and contrast. If you would like the help of an expert when selecting your colour palette, please reach out to our team for your complimentary style consultation.

Gemma Sofa by Tallira Furniture via The Rug Collection  I ’Dexter’ White-bellied sea eagle 2014 Series: Prey By Leila Jeffreys I Flocca Linen Blanket in Ayrton, Flocca Linen Cushion in Tempest, Pure Linen Swatch in Mare

Once you've chosen your base colour, it is time to introduce layers of texture and interest through accessories. This includes soft furnishings such as cushions and throws, which also make a practical addition for comfort and warmth. A cool, contemporary space draws on our colourways Mare, Ayrton and Tempest, while a warm, earthy aesthetic is enhanced with textural accents in Floss, Moro and Brun. Art can lend a personal touch – choose pieces that include a tie-in with the overarching colour scheme. 

Flocca Linen Cushion in Argent, Mare and Armee, Flocca Linen Macaron in Mare, Basix Linen Bolster in Sable/Nox, Basix Linen Cushion in Mare/Bere