Project Feature: Flinders Horizon by Mim Design

Project Feature: Flinders Horizon by Mim Design

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Creating an intimate connection with the natural world is something many of us seek in our homes and our daily lives, an aspiration that brings with it a sense of peace and wellbeing. Flinders Horizon, a stunning Mornington Peninsula project by Melbourne-based creative practice Mim Design, has achieved such an objective, utilising raw materials and soft layering to reflect the beauty and tactility of its environment.



Located within a dramatic, rugged setting in proximity to the ocean, the generous home sits comfortably in its surroundings, while the interior scheme introduces understated tonal variations to offer a balance of luxury and simplicity. Collaborating with BH Architects, Mim Design has embraced a soothing, pared-back palette to complement the building’s curved, organic lines, altogether forming a harmonious connection with the outdoor landscape. 



The sumptuous texture and muted tones of our pure linen bedding and bath linen collections were the perfect accompaniment to this spacious and sun-drenched residence, featured recently on The Local Project. In the bedroom, the neutral tones of our handcrafted Flocca Linen Duvet and Flocca Linen Pillowcases in Kali evoke the sandy, undulating terrain outside, with floor-to-ceiling windows framing breathtaking views overlooking the ocean and allowing natural light to pour in.


Featuring: Flocca Linen Duvet in Kali and Flocca Linen Pillowcases in Kali


In another bedroom, laidback layers of pure linen in our signature earthy hues of Petra and Roy drape gently against a backdrop of natural splendour, imbuing a contemporary coastal feel to this tranquil space. The influence of the home’s beautiful and untamed setting continues in the bunk room, where pieces from our Flocca range including our pure linen duvet, sheets and pillowcases in Mare, an oceanic hue that sits between green and blue, evoke the serenity of the sea. 


Featuring: Flocca Linen Duvet in Petra, Basix Linen Fitted Sheet in Petra, Flocca Linen Pillowcase Petra and Basix Linen Pillowcase in Roy 


 Featuring: Flocca Linen Duvet, Basix Linen Fitted Sheet and Flocca Linen Pillowcases all in Mare.

In fitting with the raw tactility and luxurious subtleties exhibited throughout Flinders Horizon, the bathroom exudes modern elegance, with our pure linen towels in our classic antique white hue Ayrton bringing softness to the natural stone and further elevating this bathing space to an immersive, spa-like experience.


 Featuring: Flocca Linen Bath Towel in Ayrton.


For more information on Flinders Horizon, visit Mim Design

Architecture: BH Architects 

Photography: Peter Clarke

Hale Mercantile Co. Linen purchased through our Mornington Peninsula stockist Coastal Living.