Focus on Bedheads

Focus on Bedheads

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A beautiful bedhead can instantly elevate your sleep space, complementing the tones of your bedding and anchoring the room with structure. Designed and constructed to the highest quality in Melbourne, our Flocca Linen Bedhead offers the same luxurious texture as our bedding collection while lending a timeless and versatile backdrop to our signature layered bed linen style.

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Designed with elegant timber feet and a tapered finish at the top, the bedhead's freestanding frame is fully upholstered and features a unique removable boxed feather wrap that envelopes the frame and gives the bedhead a plush, pillow-like softness. Finished with a perfectly fitting European pure linen slipcover with our signature Flocca detail, these removable, easy-care covers are available across our expansive colour palette and allow the option of an effortless seasonal refresh.

Flocca Linen Short Bedhead (internal feather wrap) 

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Our bedheads are available in two height profiles, short and tall. Our short style is offered in King and Queen sizes and features a low, padded profile with a deeper design than our traditional tall bedhead, making it ideally suited to a large space with a relaxed, pared back aesthetic. Our taller design, available in King, Queen and King Single sizes, offers a statement-making profile that works stunningly in rooms with high ceilings such as those found in Victorian homes, as well as more contemporary, loft-style spaces.

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