Focus on Green

Focus on Green

Colour not only has the ability to transform the look and feel of a room, but it can also have a profound effect on our mood and experience within a space. The colour green is well known for its calming properties, believed to soothe and comfort due to being a biophilic hue. After blue, green is the second most prevalent colour found in the natural world, and it’s a colour we associate with fields, forests and fertile landscapes. Green is also the colour of healing, growth and renewal.



Our signature range of hues features four exclusive shades of green, all taking inspiration from nature to offer an earthy, adaptable palette that layers effortlessly with both neutrals and rich tones. At the softer end of the spectrum, Argent is a silvery sage reminiscent of the lovable Lamb’s-ear perennial. This gentle hue pairs beautifully with oceanic Mare and the muted black melange of Nox, as well as imbuing subtle colour when layered with light and airy staples Petra and Sable.


 Featuring: Flocca Linen Duvet in Argent, Crush Linen Throw in Argent Melange paired with Sable.

 Colour Palette from top to bottom: Nox, Petra, Argent and Kali

Mare is an oceanic hue that fills the space between green and blue. Coupled with the dusty cornflower blue of Roy or silvery Argent, Mare evokes a serene coastal scheme, while lending exquisite, understated colour to neutrals Petra and Sable. To add richness and depth to this subtle shade, layer Mare with chocolate-hued Bere for a decadent bedscape that is both grounding and luxurious. 


Featuring: Flocca Macaron Cushion in Mare, Basix Stripe Pillowcase and Basix Stripe Cushion in Mare/Bere paired with Bere and Roy.

Armee is one of our most coveted hues, a deep, rich khaki reminiscent of lush remote pastures. This versatile green works in a wide range of combinations, whether adding rich colour to Sable and Petra or paired with the sandy grey melange of Kali for a sophisticated look. Try layering Armee with blue shades of Fog and Fonda for a soothing, nature-inspired palette, or create a harmonious contrast with soft, feminine Floss. You can also design a sumptuous bedscape by layering Armee with Brun, our rich toffee tone.   


Featuring:  Flocca Linen Duvet in Armee and Crush Double Throw in Armee/Sable.


 Colour palette of Armee, Fonda and Fog. 

One of our newest hues, Silva is a deep emerald green evocative of a faraway forest. Silva is available in our Crush Linen Blanket and lends a sumptuous, texture-rich accent to linen bedding featuring a soft palette of Petra and Sable. Much like Armee, Silva layers wonderfully with Kali, Bere and Floss, imbuing a timeless, earthy quality and bringing the restorative qualities of nature into your home to create a sanctuary of calm and wellbeing.


Featuring: Crush Linen Blanket in Silva paired with Petra, Mare and Agent.