Luxury Benefits: Flocca Linen Towels

Luxury Benefits: Flocca Linen Towels

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A rich history

Luxuriously soft and highly absorbent, there is no better fabric to envelop yourself in after a relaxing shower or bath than sumptuous pure linen. As one of the world's most ancient textiles, the traditional use of linen towels in Scandinavian bathhouses demonstrates linen’s ability to bring a tranquil, spa-like experience to your bathroom and a nurturing sense of hygge to your daily self-care routine.


 Flocca Linen Face Towel in Sable. 

Beyond its presence in Nordic spa rituals, the story of linen is interwoven with ancient Mediterranean civilisations from Egypt to Italy, evoking a sense of laidback luxury and artisan craftsmanship. Considered regal and refined, the lengthy and skillful process of making linen meant that it was often reserved for the wealthy while being regarded as a symbol of purity.


Beauty meets functionality

While linen is favoured by stylists and designers for its sumptuous texture and classic style, its aesthetic appeal is matched by its practical benefits. Offering the convenience of being easy to care for, our pure linen towels require no more than a simple warm machine wash and medium tumble dry. Requiring no ironing and being quick to dry, pure linen towels are a low maintenance essential.


 Flocca Linen Bath Towel and Bath sheet in Armee.

Our 100% pure European linen towels are almost exceptionally dense, offering superior absorbency and breathability and making them one of the most premium linen towels on the market. The pure linen waffle weave also features gentle exfoliating properties, rejuvenating the skin by removing dead skin cells and encouraging new cell growth. More than just an everyday indulgence, our classic dense weave waffle design will leave your skin feeling radiant and invigorated with every use.


Timeless and enduring style

Whether your bathroom scheme is modern and minimalist or bold and playful, the addition of our handcrafted linen towels will imbue your space with an easy elegance, elevating any bathroom with textural warmth and interest. Offered in a range of earthy, muted tones, our linen towels are yarn-dyed for colour longevity, retaining their exquisite hues and becoming more sumptuous with each wash.

Elwood Residence by Flack Studio published in Vogue Living features: Flocca Linen Hand Towel in Sable.

Discover the perfect complement to a contemporary bathroom design in our Flocca bath linen range, with the coolness of marble, stone and concrete gently warmed and softened by the natural beauty of linen. 


Sky Garden project by CLO Studios featuring: Flocca Linen Hand Towel in Sable.

Available in a variety of sizes, from the subtle luxury of our face towel to our generously sized bath towel, each piece from the Flocca range is finished with a delicately hand-tufted edge, adding a wonderful layer of textural appeal that only pure linen can achieve.

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