Refresh, Renew

Refresh, Renew

Your bedroom is the place you go to relax and retreat, a soothing sanctuary conducive to a restful night’s sleep. Choosing pure linen bedding for its natural, breathable and sustainable properties is a great start, however, there are also other ways we can rejuvenate our bedroom to create a space that not only looks beautiful but is also good for our mood, health, and wellbeing. 


Featuring: Flocca Linen Duvet in Argent, Crush Linen Throw in Argent, Sheets, Curtain and bedhead in Sable.


Keep only the bare essentials next to your bed, removing things like magazines and books, hand creams and cosmetics, and storing them out of sight. Technology can have a negative impact on sleep, so be sure to put your phone, iPad and other electronics into a drawer or ideally another room. Keeping your space uncluttered also makes cleaning and dusting much easier.


 Interior Design by Amber Interiors | Photo @shadedeggesphotography |  Featuring Flocca Linen Blanket in Tempest.

Style your bedside table

A simple, hierarchical formula made up of three elements is all you need for an appealing nightstand. Assuming your bedside lamp is the tallest element, the secondary element should be around half the size of the lamp and positioned in front, slightly to one side. The smallest element can be at the very front, slightly overlapping the middle element. Play with shape and texture – a tall, skinny lamp juxtaposed with wider pieces such as a square picture frame and a round bowl or vase, for example. No lamp? Use a vase, a stack of books and a small tray to create tall, wide and small elements.


Shop for a new pillow

Just like bed linen, natural is best when it comes to pillows, so look for cotton, bamboo, wool, or natural latex, as well as feather and down pillows purchased from a reputable supplier. Washing pillows occasionally as per the instructions will help to minimise the build-up of allergens such as dust mites, and be sure to replace them by the date advised on the tag. 


Give your duvet insert some time in the sun

As feather and down duvets can’t really be washed, make the most of a clear, sunny day by hanging them out in the fresh air to help kill any nasties. While you’re at it, give your pillows some time outside and wash your mattress protector for a fresh, clean foundation that’s ready to be layered and styled with your pure linen bedding. 


By @seanandersondesign | Photoraphy @haris.kenjar

Choose calming colours

These might not always be the most obvious choices such as blues, greens and whites. Moody charcoal and darker hues such as Nox and Tempest can be equally calming and allow the eyes to rest, while muted shades of terracotta and our dusty clay Rosa hue can transport you elsewhere. Try incorporating these, along with classic calming hues such as Argent, Fog and Mare, into your bedding scheme.


By @studio_jencquel | Photography @pempki