Style Siren Series - 28 Degrees

Style Siren Series - 28 Degrees

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We are always delighted and intrigued by the beautiful spaces that our pure linen collection goes to feature in. So much so that we have decided to bring you style and inspiration from those that we consider to be our Style Sirens.

This week we find ourselves again in a playground for the humble…as well as the rich and famous; Byron Bay. Somewhere in the middle of the contrast we have been caught in the luxurious charm of a quintessential Australian beach side guest house, 28 Degrees.


This family run guest house oozes a bare foot repose, with its classic timber panelling, and lush tropical gardens. No comfort has been spared in this fresh white walled wonderland of luxury accommodation. Boasting a somewhat understated approach to styling, yet uncompromised attention provided to the details of each room.



Known for its eco-conscious attitude, there are considerations such as low toxic paints, recycled timber floorboards, cleverly positioned windows for air circulation and the family even donate unused toiletries and food to local charities.



Rooms within the guest house are adorned with Hale Mercantile Co. pure European linen in playful yet romantic tones of Floss and Fog. Each bed framed by our versatile Flocca linen slip bedhead, the Flocca edging is a delicate contribution to the simple luxury of each room.



You won’t find tightly tucked sheets and piles of cushions to navigate. On the contrary, scrumptious relaxed layers of breathable linen and the comfort of the generous Flocca body cushion is enough to dial down to the beach excitement and turn your attention to a good book. The inclusion of the Kristine range of bed linen adds just the right balance between beach house and a hint of old world romance.

Our Pastel hues of Floss, Fog and Sable are grounded with darker hues in Tempest and Nox encapsulating the tranquility associated with the beautiful accommodation and the town it is situated in.