Top Tips Storing & Caring For Towels

Top Tips Storing & Caring For Towels

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Keeping your luxury linen towels in perfect condition is important to ensure your towels stay fresh for years to come. Here we provide some tips to ensure maximum softness, absorbency and longevity.



  • It’s important to wash and rotate your towels regularly to ensure build-up of oils and bacteria is minimised. For best results, we recommend washing your towels at 40 degrees on a regular machine wash. If you are regularly changing your towels, it is unlikely they will become very dirty and it’s important not to wash them at high temperatures. This can damage and shrink the fibres and also dull the colours over time.
  • We recommend washing your towels together and avoid over filling the machine so they can move freely during the wash. Separating your towels from other items will also prevent them from catching on zips and other fasteners.
  • Towels can become all bunched up in the washing machine, so it’s a good idea to shake them out before placing them in the dryer. This will help them stay fluffy over time.
  • Our linen towels have been pre-washed to prevent further shrinkage and can be safely tumble dried on a low heat which will plump and soften your towel after washing.
  • It is best not to use bleach or detergents with optical brighteners and a mild liquid detergent such as Wool Mix is perfect for your towels.
  • It is best to hang your towels on a towel bar, but if you have hooks in your bathroom, it’s important never to hang more than one towel per hook. Moisture and debris can become trapped within the layers which promotes the growth of mould and bacteria.
  • It’s ideal to have more than one towel per person and have several sets on rotation. This way, each set is only used approximately every other week. Less use and less washing means towels will last longer.
  • Watch out for products like toothpaste and makeup! Some toothpastes contain bleach and this may leave those unexplained small white marks on your towels. Makeup can stain permanently and it’s best to use a separate face cloth instead.



Finally, remember to fold and store your towels for ease and convenience. This is a small detail and can make a difference whether it be for welcoming guests, restocking the linen cupboard or simply giving your bathroom that luxurious, hotel feel.

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