Introducing our New Catalogue

Introducing our New Catalogue

The new Hale Mercantile Catalogue is finally here! The release of our 2019/2020 catalogue has included the official launch of several special and exciting items and colours to the HMco. collection.

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Exquisite new hues

This year we welcomed Armee and Moro to our pure linen palette. Armee, a deep green reminiscent of lush remote pastures, pairs seamlessly with Fog, Ayrton, and Brun to create a calming and earthy ensemble. Moro, a muted mulberry tone, brings warmth to any space. Mix it with our rustic Russo hue to imbue a delightfully rich palette or create all that is feminine with the addition of our earthy pinks in Floss and Rosa.



Our ever-popular pure linen stripe collection has also been extended! We are excited to introduce two new colour combinations:

Ayrton/Russo – The freshness of white linen combined with a rich rust tone

Brun/Sable – Muted and earthy, sand with a chocolate mélange


New layers in time for winter


We are pleased to introduce two exclusive products to our collection, both of which are perfect for adding layers and comfort this winter: Our new Crush Merino Blanket and Alplin Throw.

Our luscious Crush Merino blankets are produced entirely in Italy ensuring traditional craftsmanship and unrivalled quality. Light weight and super soft with generous proportions, our blankets are woven as a mélange using our signature Sable hue to blend with the warmth of Fysk, contrast of muted black in Nox and the rich and rustic tone of Russo to provide a choice of three colour ways to select from.



Our luxuriant Alplin throws are exclusively hand-woven. The elegant Alpaca and linen combination is constructed by sourcing the finest Peruvian Alpaca and blending it with our distinguished European linen yarn. A true hallmark of the finest craftsmanship, our throws are individually hand woven on traditional hand looms in Europe.



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