Rich Accent Hues

Rich Accent Hues

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A touch of colour can completely transform the mood of a space, elevating a neutral palette and imbuing richness and depth to a pared-back interior. You don’t need bright hues to discover the power of colour in your home. In fact, keeping to more muted tones, with versatile pieces such as blankets and throws, can make an elegant style statement with minimal fuss. 


 Colour palette: Linen in Kali, Nox and Petra with an Crush Merino Blanket in Oro


The first consideration when introducing colourful accents in the overarching palette of a room. A grey, concrete interior can be enlivened and rejuvenated with a pop of colour such as Oro, our soft and muted saffron hue. Golden, mustard tones work beautifully with greys, with an indulgent layering of Brun, Russo and Sable effectively bringing warmth to a cool, contemporary scheme.



 Featuring: Colour palette of Brun (back pillow) Maiz and Russo (front pillows) Sable base. 

In this beautiful, textural interior project by Arent&Pyke, warm, earthy tones from our pure linen collection create an ambient glow amid brick, concrete, and cool, grey tones. Our Flocca Linen Pillowcases in Maiz and Russo and our Flocca Linen Body Cushion in Brun tie in with accents of terracotta and timber throughout the home. 


If you are starting from scratch, consider the room’s existing finishes such as timber floors, carpet, walls, and other larger surfaces. Do you want your palette to be warm and cosy or cool and soothing? Furniture such as a sofa or armchair in a moody hue can make a bold statement, however the simple addition of textiles such as bed linen, throws and cushions can also have a big impact while allowing you to experiment with different looks and combinations.


Discover these popular colour stories from our collection: 


 Linen palette of Bere (top left) Rosa (bottom right) and Brun with a Crush Double Throw in Moro/Floss.



 Linen Palette of Mare (top left), Argent (bottom right) and a Flocca Macaron Cushion in Roy and Crush Double Throw in Kali/Petra.



 Linen Palette of Russo (top left), Brun (bottom right) and Carmel with a Crush Linen Throw in Armee.


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