Top 5 Reads of 2022

Top 5 Reads of 2022

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From sun-drenched Mediterranean style to contemporary interior design trends, we've rounded up our most loved journals for 2022. Catch up on our top five reads below and start the new year with some fresh inspiration for your home.



Interior trend - A modern approach to Wainscoting 

Once designed to protect and insulate walls, this classic cladding technique using panelled boards is making a stylish comeback with refined interpretations and contemporary materials.



Classic Californian Style

An effortless blend of coastal, cottage and contemporary with mid-century accents, it’s no surprise that classic Californian style is an enduring favourite. Combining modern and traditional design with an undone elegance, this timeless look is characterised by rich texture, calming neutrals and natural materials, drawing inspiration from the culture, architecture and lifestyle of the West Coast to create a unique and adaptable aesthetic that exudes comfort, personality and heritage.




Taste of Mediterranean

A place rich in history, culture and tradition, the Mediterranean evokes leisurely days of sun and sea, inspiring a look that has classic appeal yet can be easily adapted in more contemporary ways.



Life/Style Migration

It is likely you've heard about friends, family or colleagues making a 'tree change' or 'sea change' in recent years, or perhaps you’ve even made one yourself. This regional relocation is not only satisfying a desire for a simpler life, but it has also inspired a renewed approach to style and design centred around an appreciation for small everyday pleasures.



Designer favourite, the Flocca Linen Blanket

With its sumptuous textural appeal and classic, understated hues, it is no surprise our luxurious Flocca Linen Blanket is favoured by top stylists and designers. Explore the luxurious interiors of Flack Studio, Simone Haag and Edwina Glenn, heroed by this versatile piece.



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