The Perfect Drape

The Perfect Drape

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Basix Linen Curtain in Ayrton

Imbuing your space with a sense of calm and wellbeing is key to feeling relaxed at home, and an elegant way to achieve this is with sheer curtains. Maximising natural light and enabling unobstructed views while still offering privacy, sheer curtains create a seamless and soothing  connection to the outdoors. 


Boutique accommodation in Red Hill, Victoria @logboxredhillI  Featuring: Basix Linen Curtain in Sable

Pure linen is the ideal material for providing just the right delicate, sheer finish to your curtains, with a sumptuous drape that only gets better over time. Wonderfully textural and easy to care for, our Basix Linen Curtains are designed to fall with a natural flow, working to soften the harsh lines of window frames and interior walls.


Image via @sailorswhisk | Photo: @marniehawson | Featuring: Basix Linen Curtain in Fog. 

Pure linen curtains are effortlessly adaptable to any interior scheme, bringing a natural tactile appeal to a sleek, contemporary look while blending beautifully into coastal and country abodes. Available in six exclusive hues to allow for personalisation, choose from classic neutrals and subtle, muted colours to achieve your dream look. 


The Range Byron Bay, Published @thedesignfiles | Photo: @caitlinmillsphotography | styling @annieportelli | Featuring Linen bedding in Floss, Rosa and Sable Hues. 

The warm, earthy qualities of Russo, Rosa and Sable ideally complement timber finishes, softening heavy interiors with tonal blending and pairing perfectly alongside other natural materials such as sisal and terracotta. These understated tones offer gentle, grounding colour while elegantly framing an outdoor landscape.  


Architecture & Interiors: @kennedy_nolan | Photography: @derek_swalwell | Via: @vogueliving

On the cooler end of the spectrum, the blue undertones of Fog and classic charcoal Tempest are excellent for diffusing bright light and creating a serene, grey-toned aesthetic that is both modern and timeless. For a bright and inviting space, our white Ayrton hue is a classic allrounder that brings a fresh and airy quality to any room.


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