Tonal Story

Tonal Story

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When choosing the right bedding for a boldly coloured space, not everything is black and white. Whether introducing soft furnishings to a modern, moody interior or a warm, earthy scheme, our favourite approach to furnishing a colour-rich room is with a tonal palette.

Begin by layering hues within the same spectrum as your wall colour and building from there, adding a selection of darker and lighter tones that are similar yet varied. In this soothing bedroom by Flack Studio, sumptuous tones of cream, caramel and brown include our pure linen duvet and pillows in Brun and our Flocca linen blanket in Bere, paired with our flat sheet and pillows in Argent, for a soft, warm aesthetic that offers depth and texture.


Neutral whites such as Ayrton and Petra are a safe bet for a boldly colourful room, as seen in this serene haven by Ronen Lev Design where earthy, clay-pink walls are balanced with fresh, light neutrals. Introducing an accent piece such as a cushion or throw that falls outside the overarching tonal palette will help to give your bedscape an extra lift.


A moody, modern scheme throughout this Melbourne residence by Hecker Guthrie proved a dramatic backdrop for our pure linen bedding in oceanic Mare and the pale grey of Fog, with harmonious tonal variations creating a calm and cohesive look.

Below, a cosy, pared-back bedroom features our warm and neutral classic taupe hue Cep to offer a transitional colour between rich caramel and natural white, while a Flocca Macaron cushion in rich Russo adds a complementary hint of bold colour.