Top 5 Reads Of 2023

Top 5 Reads of 2023

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 Our Top 5 Reads of 2023 as enjoyed by you. 


Coombs Hill Barn 

Coombs Hill Barn

Our recent photoshoot took us to a striking 160-year-old barn imported from Indiana, USA, located in the Victorian High Country. With rustic grandeur and elegant classical features, this incredible property pairs history and craftsmanship with a fresh, contemporary sensibility, providing the perfect setting to showcase our luxurious pure European linen bedding collection.


Raw & Refined

The considered juxtaposition of materials is a feature throughout this stunning Noosa residence by CLO Studios, whose brief was to create relaxing and serene spaces that were a continuation of the outside.


Benefits Of Sleeping In Pure Linen

With roughly one-third of our lives spent sleeping, creating a healthy (and beautiful) sleeping environment should be a high priority. There are many factors that can impact sleep quality and one of the biggest is the fibres you are sleeping in. As bed linen comes in direct contact with your skin, natural fibres should be the first choice when selecting your pure linen bedding.

Country Style

This timeless look draws from a variety of influences, and while there is no one-style-fits-all formula, inspiration generally comes from the natural and immediate environment. This is why we often see rustic timbers and highly textural materials within this interior scheme. Country style can be interpreted in many ways, including 'homestead style', which melds old-world charm with a sense of grandeur; the quaint, handmade appeal of 'cottage style'; and 'modern country', a sensitive pairing of antique and contemporary elements.


Earthy Style

Not to be confused with country style, this look takes an organic, environmental approach to design that places emphasis on natural materials and elements. Earthy style can be influenced by weather and climate, as well as the tones and textures of the outdoor landscape, from trees and lush pastures to clay and stone, even berries and flowers.

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