With each wash and proper laundering, our linen sheets become softer and more desirable, offering a unique sleeping experience and wonderfully tactile products for your bed. Here are some tips to help you care for your linen bedding:

How to wash 100% linen sheets

  • Hale Mercantile Co linen sheets can be machine washed in cold or warm water with like colours, using a mild detergent such as a wool wash.
  • Avoid over-filling the machine so the product can move freely during the wash. To maintain the colour of your linen, we advise not to use bleach or detergents with optical brighteners and avoid exposure to continual sunlight.
  • If you wish to hand wash your linen sheets, you can do so in cold or warm water making sure you rinse thoroughly.
  • Our linen sheets should not be dry cleaned as it may react with the chemicals used in the dry-cleaning process and will weaken the fibres.
  • Always be sure to check individual product care instructions as these may vary from product to product within the Hale Mercantile Co general collection. For extensive linen bedding care instructions please view our Care Guide 

Does linen shrink in the wash?

  • Our linen sheets have been pre-washed and pre-shrunk at very high temperatures to ensure that with proper care, no further shrinkage should occur.

Can you put linen sheets in the dryer?

  • Hale Mercantile Co linen sheets can be tumble dried or line dried. We highly recommend tumble drying our sheets to maintain your products shape. If using a tumble dryer, use a low to medium heat to help maintain its soft textural appeal. Drying at high temperatures will cause the linen fibres to overheat making them brittle over time.
  • When line drying, we recommend taking your sheets off the line while they are slightly damp and finishing them in the dryer to soften. Simply fold and store to maintain a beautiful textured look that is a signature feature of Hale Mercantile Co linen.
  • Always be sure to check individual product care instructions as these may vary from product to product within the Hale Mercantile Co general collection. For extensive linen bedding care instructions please view our complete Care Guide

Do linen sheets stretch?

Hale Mercantile Co. pure linen sheets are pre-shrunk and pre-washed ensuring the product retains its original quality from the first wash. To avoid deterioration from stretching and ensure longevity, we highly advocate tumble drying your linen sheets at least partially.

Fitted sheets in particular are subject to more friction than any other bedding item. You should always alternate your sheets as you would your clothes with one or two other sets. We strongly recommend tumble drying fitted linen sheets to give your product the opportunity to return to its original woven state as constant stretch caused over time will inevitably wear the linen out.

How to soften linen sheets

Whilst our linen sheets can be ironed, it is not recommended as our products are designed to be relaxed in nature. If you choose to iron your linen, use a low setting.

The best way to soften your linen sheets is to tumble dry at least partially after washing.